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BforeAI joins International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI)

BforeAI joins the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) to strengthen and support financial crime investigation with predictive security. 


BforeAI is proud to announce that it has joined the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) to strengthen and support financial crime investigation with predictive security. This new partnership will focus on fortifying defenses against financial crime by leveraging BforeAI's expertise in AI-based solutions – including the PreCrime™ technology behind its predictive security suite.

"The partnership with IAFCI is an enormous opportunity to leverage our knowledge of AI and predictive security to help prevent financial crimes," said Luigi Lenguito, co-founder & CEO of BforeAI. "Through our collaboration, we aim to not only enhance the effectiveness of financial crime investigation efforts, but also contribute to a safer and more secure financial landscape for businesses and individuals alike."

The IAFCI is an international non-profit that provides services and a collaborative environment for financial fraud education and investigation. The organization’s new alliance with BforeAI will serve to reinforce existing initiatives, but will also add additional insights and programs on fraud prevention methods.

The partnership between BforeAI and IAFCI is about more than just sharing resources. This partnership is firmly rooted in innovative projects and initiatives like webinars and in-person training events that foster an exchange of information about financial fraud prevention methods.

Notably, BforeAI plans to provide in-depth training on predictive security at IAFCI’s New York offices. The training topics will cover subjects such as "Predictive Security: Safeguarding Against Emerging Cyber Threats," which aims to educate attendees on predictive security, predictive threat intelligence, predictive security tools, their application in real-world scenarios, best practices, and much more.

In addition to training events, BforeAI is planning to host multiple events focused on significant aspects of AI and security. The events, "Information Security and AI: Navigating Uncertainty" and "Will AI Eat Software: Are We on the Verge of Autonomous?" are scheduled to take place at IAFCI’s New York location in September and November, respectively.

Through these initiatives and joining forces with the IAFCI, BforeAI is proving its commitment to protecting the financial industry – while also building a community of experts to handle the challenges of financial crime investigation. This partnership is one more step towards a more secure future for the financial industry, and we encourage you to follow us to see how this progresses.

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