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Bfore.Ai named by Gartner in latest report


Being one of the fastest growing solutions in the market, Bfore.Ai has been named in Gartner’s latest research published on November 16th 2022 - Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Security (available to Gartner's clients).

Digital risks are an inevitable by-product of an expanding ecosystem. This unsettling conundrum has given rise to a novel field of cybersecurity known as Digital Risk Protection (DRP). DRP enables organizations to confidently achieve their objectives while protecting their digital assets.

Rather than reacting to cyber threats after they’re discovered, cybersecurity strategies must shift to a preemptive approach to defense. The Digital Risk Protection (DRP) market is growing with the goal of protecting organizations from cyber threats during digital transformation.

"We see this mention as an encouragement to keep innovating and spread word on predictive security, it's early days but customers and partners keep us focused on predictions and preemption."

- Luigi Lenguito CEO of Bfore.Ai 


How Bfore.Ai is changing the cybersecurity paradigm

At Bfore.Ai, we work daily to ensure these phishing attacks get stopped before even reaching their targets. We are here to make your internet journey safer than it has ever been.

Bfore.Ai uses predictive technology to evaluate and identify malicious domains before an attack is launched by the threat actor. 

Our PreCrime Network technology uses behavioral analytics wherein billions of data points are collected daily and scored based on previously known “good” and identified “bad” behaviors, allowing us to match malicious behaviors in new domains with previously known malicious behaviors. This predictive technology ensures that we are never one step behind threat actors. We believe in prevention more than response.

Our PreCrime Brand technology allows us to protect brands from brand impersonation attacks, which occur when a threat actor impersonates a trusted company or brand on a fake website, for example, in order to trick customers or employees into trusting them and revealing sensitive information about themselves and/or their company. 

Bfore.Ai’s PreEmpt Active Defense technology offers clients a fast takedown service of malicious domains, ensuring that the threat is eliminated and brands remain protected.  

With more than 30K new malicious indicators per day we got you covered no matter where the attack comes from. Only 0.05% false positive rate, stop wasting time in false alerts chasing. By launching our PreCrime and PreEmpt technologies, we measure our anticipation from an attack starting, faster than attackers.

Accepting that the only defense is good detection, is accepting to be forever a victim. We believe in prevention more than response. Visit our website for more information !